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WebRespond is a Java applet which provides an automated method of quizzing students over the Internet. Anyone with the ability to generate web documents, can link a quiz into their document by modifying the template files given below. These documents can be successfully read using any browser that supports Java v1.1.5 and higher. WebRespond can also be configured to provide a web based survey.

This version of WebRespond makes it possible to ask multiple choice, true false, short answer, and essay questions. By specifying a review mode the student is able to get their score as well as review their performance on each question. If an email address is provided, the student's score and responses for each question are sent to the instructor. To limit access to the quiz a student password option is available. Warning: Due to the lack of any security features in this version it is not recommended that WebRespond be used for any quizzes for credit. A later version of WebRespond will include encryption which will help to maintain the security of passwords and question files.

The following pages are provided to assist you in using WebRespond.

Appreciation needs to be expressed to Cedarville University for providing a technology incentive grant, which supported the development of version 1.0 of WebRespond.  The author retains all rights to WebRespond and provides it as is for non-commercial use.  The author is not responsible for any damages due to the use or misuse of this product.  A registered version is available that allows customization of the WebRespond appearance.  A registration number can be obtained by contacting RegSoft.  (See the registration instructions for more details.)
Bugs and incompatabilities with implementation of Java versions 1.1.5 and higher can be reported to the author at the address given below.  Any suggested improvements would also be greatly appreciated by the author.  Commercial use of the WebRespond is only permitted by consent of the author.

WebRespond v2.1, by S. Gollmer( gollmers@cedarville.edu.)

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