Wavelet Modeling of Stratocumulus

Wavelet analysis as well as windowed Fourier analysis can be used to explore the spatial structure of cloud thickness.  This technique can be used for both one-dimensional and two-dimensional data sets.

1-Dimensional Analysis and Modeling

The following is an article I have written which uses both wavelet and Fourier techniques to analyze and model cloud inhomogeneity in one-dimension.  This article appeared in the JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES, Vol. 52, No. 16, 15 August 1995, pp. 3013-3030.

Windowed and Wavelet Analysis of Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Inhomogeneity

Steven M. Gollmer, Harshvardhan, Robert F. Cahalan, and Jack B. Snider

2-Dimensional Analysis and Modeling

Below are samples of cloud modeling using different wavelet functions. A SPOT satellite image is included for comparison.